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With the transfer of the cemetery' site in 1894 to the newly purchased land west of the Village Cemetery, the plot was surveyed by P. Kirsh, establishing the outer boundaries, laying the general draft of lots and strects, the task of removal of the bodies from the old site was accomplished. Each family assisted in the work and designated their lots in the new cemetery. The dates given on grave markers and stones show which ones had been moved.

In 1897. evergreen trees were planted along the designated streets. and have acted as lot boundaries, many are still in existence today. Age added an air of dignity to the cemetery - somber calm and restfulness of repose. In 1912, the cross was installed at the south end of the main street. a memorial to Fr. L. M. Boisseau.

As years passed by, ordinary maintenance was the attention given it in 1928. Fr. Mose Dufault was instrumental in having a beautiful chain-linted fence installed with an ornate entry gate. Normally the church custodian had the responsibility of its care. It was with Esdras St. Germain who became custodian (Janitor) in 1950, that a greater interest began to be shown in supervising and maintaining the cemetery as an attractive and inspirational sanctuary of repose. In the succeeding years this was maintained by the diligent work of Mr. Raymond Pagnac and his sons, Allen and Dale. After his retirement. the task was assumed by various young men ofthe Parish. In 1976 the cemetery had to be reappraised in its needs, as years do change the contours of the land; much leveling was needed, removal of the cement curbs which had been installed by families around their lots. Calling upon the parishioners, the work was done by machines, trucks and manual labor.



The greatest task still lays ahead establishing the exact sile of every lot boundary, and setting concrete marters - over 1,560 in number--This demanded the complete surveying of the cemelery over again. The summers of 1977-78 saw the realization of this goal. Besides this. there were other needs: the crucifix had deteriorated completely and had become, in fact, a disgrace. With memorials specifically given for this purpose, the summer of 1978 witnessed Ihe complete construction of a new shrine and the installation of an Italian marble crucifixion set, and a new entry constructed.

Memorials given in memory of the following made this possible. namely:

LeRoy Bergeron           Pauline Pagnac
Jeffrey Bergeron              Frances Proulx
Michael and Roger Hebert Larry Rapacz
Lila Jorgenson                            Fred Rivard
Winnifred Osowski               Lynelle St. Germain
Allen Pagnac                            Carl Kroll. Sr.





Saint Rose of lime Cemetery Plot Map




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