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The website is intended to provide a link for the Myerchin and Schiller Families. Ironically, in these times with extended modes of travel and modern communications, our families have moved farther apart and have lost a sense of "connectedness". Hopefully , this website will fill the gap.

All family relatives are encouraged to both view the website and also contribute material to the website. will become much more relevant and meaningful as more family members contribute family related information.



All websites are electronic in nature. The easiest and most straightforward way to submit material is through E-MAIL. This method insures both the correctness of the data and also the ease at which it can be included in the website. If you want to include photos as electronic files, scan them at 72dpi and no larger than 5x7 inches. Compress the files to JPEGs.

email: webmaster@


If you wish to mail written material, be sure to make the material typewritten and legible. If you include family photos and want them to be returned, be sure to include a self addressed and stamped envelope.

mail to:

William S Myerchin
5619 North I Street
San Bernardino, CA 92407



1. Full Name

2. Date of Birth/Death

3. Parent's Name/Date of Birth

4. Children's Names/Date of Birth

5. Biography:  A description of you, your family and your experiences

6. Photos/with captions



If your family has an informal history that relates a personal set of experiences of the family, please feel free to include it. Everyone has their own unique point of view and recollection of events. As time passes, these "Histories" become the fabric that weaves the relatives together.



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