Harvey Hugh LaFollette/Ruth Bertram LaFollette
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Harvey and Ruth Bertram La Follette



Barbara LaFollette Myerchin, Harvey Hugh LaFollette, Jr



Harvey Hugh LaFollette b. Toulon, Illinois May 26, 1918
d. Nashville, TN September 4, 2003

Ruth Bertram b. Sunnybrook, Kentucky March 21, 1919
d. Madison, TN, January 14, 2001



Barbara LaFollette Myerchin, born 9/6/1944

Harvey Hugh LaFollette, Jr, born 8/25/1948



Ruth and Harvey met in Nashville, Tennessee not long after the beginning of WW II. At the time they met, Harvey was a member of the US Army Air Corps and Ruth was a "Rosie The Riveter" at an airplane factory.

Ruth and Harvey LaFollette in the mid 1940s


Ruth LaFollette in 1942

When Barbara was just a few months old, Harvey was deployed to Europe, spending the majority of his service in France. When Harvey was deployed, Ruth returned to Nashville. She worked full time until Harvey returned to Nashville and her second child, Harvey Hugh, Jr. was born, August 25, 1948.

Barbara LaFollette Myerchin about 1 yrs


Harvey was an excellent carpenter and builder yet was, due to circumstances beyond his control, unable to turn this skill into a thriving business, until after he "retired" at age 60. To support he family, Harvey worked seven days a week, delivering large volumes of newspapers-morning and evening. The family continued to live in Nashville, in a house built by Harvey. The hours not spent on his newspaper routes were spent with his family and at Inglewood Baptist Church where for many years he served as a Deacon.

As Hugh and Barbara graduated from College, Ruth and Harvey relocated to the suburbs-Hendersonville, TN where they lived until their death. Ruth returned to full time "out of the home" work as a credit manager for several Nashville businesses. Harvey then was able to fulfill his dream of having a construction company. At the same time, both Harvey and Ruth consistently worked at Bluegrass Baptist Church, Harvey managing the construction of a new sanctuary and Ruth in the church library. Their influence in the congregation was monumental and their belief system was engrained in Barbara.


50th Wedding Anniversary of Ruth and Harvey LaFollette L to R Rachel LaFollette Jones, Hugh LaFollette, Harvey LaFollette, Ruth LaFollette, Barbara LaFollette Myerchin, Timothy LaFollette

The History of the LaFollette and Bertram Families


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