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(source-Warren Sheaf, Wednesday, July 5, 1989 front page, pg. 16)
article title: Tabor Lutherans And Catholics To Mark Centennials Sat., Sun.
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Three churches were organized to serve the Czech and Slovak immigrants in the Tabor area in 1889. Two have survived in their original form and will observe their 100th anniversaries this weekend. They are Holy Trinity Catholic and Holy Trinity Lutheran Churches. The Tabor Presbyterian Church was organized in 1889 also, but in 1951 merged with the Angus Presbyterian Church and moved to Angus, although a cemetery is still maintained at Tabor.

Holy Trinity Catholic and Holy Trinity Lutheran Churches will have separate events this weekend, but will cooperate in the centennial parade Saturday at 1:30 p.m. This will be the biggest event in Tabor since the Bicentennial in 1976.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church's activities start Friday with a dance at the parish hall from 8 p.m. to midnight, with music by Al Maves and his Swinging Laendler Band from Hayfield, which features Donny Klossner on concertina.

A horseshoe tournament will be held at 9 a.m. and at 1 p.m. there will be a blessing of the flags. Ron Vasek and Jerry Larson are in charge of the centennial parade at 1:30 p.m., which is being held jointly with Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.

At 4 p.m., the Catholics will hold a centennial mass, with a centennial choir assisting. A centennial homecoming supper will be served at 5:30 p.m. and a centennial dance will be held from 8 p.m. to midnight by the Al Maves Band.

Holy Trinity Lutherans will have the parade as their first event for their centennial, which will be held Saturday and Sunday. After the parade at 5:30 p.m., a potluck supper will be held, along with a style show, music and other entertainment. On Sunday, services will be held at 10:30 a.m. This will be followed by a reservation-only dinner and a program at 2:30 p.m., after which lunch and visitation will follow.

Both congregations have produced centennial books with the Sheaf printing the 64-page Holy Trinity Lutheran's congregation's book. Trinity Lutheran's centennial committee includes: Dale Pulkrabek, Ann Kmecik, Melvin Piker, Clarence Dvorak and Nancy Larson.

No information exists as to why the Lutherans and Catholics gave their churches the same name 100 years ago. Both churches had trouble with tornadoes destroying their structures, the Catholics in 1886 and the Lutherans in 1929.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
The Slovak Holy Trinity Lutheran Church of Tabor has its roots dating to 1884, when services were first held in homes of recent immigrants. The congregation was organized Nov. 10, 1889, with some of the charter members including: Audry Ferencik, Tomas Kerestes, John Mizisin, Georg Ondusko, Andry Pala, Andry Stinar, Tomas Stinar, Mike Zipoy and Tomas Pala. Dedication of the church lasted until it was destroyed by a tornado on July 29, 1929.

For many years, until 1946, when Rev. William H. Gable arrived, the church was served by pastors out of Minneapolis, Warren and other places. Rev. Gable was the first full-time pastor, serving until 1957.

Rev. Daniel J. Adamcik served from 1929-1945, in addition to his duties as pastor of Holy Trinity Slovak Lutheran Church of Minneapolis. At least three times a year, he would conduct a Slovak communion service, along with performing funerals, marriages and conducting several confirmation classes.

Other pastors following Rev. Gable have included: Rev. Frank Mayer, 1957-1960; Rev. Robert Sorenson, 1960-62; Rev. James Behnke, 1962-66; Rev. Jon Ellefson, 1966-69; Rev. Rodger Ericson, 1970-73; Rev. Charles Stephens, 1972-76; Rev. Antti Lepisto, 1977-79; Rev. Lloyd Hubert, 1979-80; Rev. Paul Campbell, 1980-85; Rev. Douglas Erickson, 1987; Rev. Tom Junkert, 1987-. The congregation now has 20 families, which includes 81 baptized members.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Catholic roots in the Tabor area trace back to the early 1880's when Father Pribyl came from Chicago to serve settlements of Bohemians in Minnesota. Parishioners disagreed on the location of the church with a cemetery started 4 miles south and 1 mile west of Tabor. In 1886, the Catholics in the northern part of the area prevailed and a chapel was started on Eidelbes' pasture land 1 mile south of Tabor and while under construction a tornado destroyed the green-wood structure.

Vaclav Novotny then donated money to buy 40 acres of land from the St. Paul, Minneapolis, Manitoba Railway Company, which was determined to be the site of the parish and is the present church site. The land was parceled out to the people for cultivation, with the proceeds to go to a building fund, but this proved too slow, so a loan of $400 was made and Jacob Novak mortgaged his farm to help raise the funds necessary for building a church. The settlers then, inspired by the leadership of Father Slatinsky of Vesselville, N.D., agreed to donate $50 each and came up with $600.

On Wednesday, Nov. 13, 1889, the decision to build was made and this has been accepted as the beginning of the parish. The men mentioned in this connection were: Vaclav Novotny, Tomas Trefny, Frantisek Svoboda, Frank Kovar, Thomas Ovsak, Martin Kotrba, Jakub Novak, Frantisek Zejdlik, Vaclav Holub, Frank Gust, Matej Judovsky, Joseph Eidelbes and Vaclav Dusek.


Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Tabor, Minnesota


The church was completed in 1890 and missionaries served until 1900, when Rev. John Rech became the first pastor. Rev. Joseph Gaydousek served from 1902-05. He was followed by Joseph Gregor, John Marshalek and John Vanicek. Rev. F. Simonik served until 1902-11, when Rev. W. Koerner took over and was followed a year later by Rev. F.J. Just. On May 26, 1913, Rev. John Berger came directly from Bohemia to serve until 1929. He was followed by Rev. Carrell Gross from 1929-33 and Rev. F.B. Tomanek from 1933-40. He built the parish hall. He was succeeded by Rev. August L. Zellekens, who built the new church now serving the congregation. He served until 1957, to be succeeded by Rev. John Merth, who served until 1969, when he was succeeded by Rev. Roger Grundhaus, who served until Rev. Arno Gustin took over in 1975. Rev. Timothy Noah has been the pastor the past few years.


Majercin to Myerchin Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery Tabor, MN

Above, are the tombstones of Maria Schust Myerchin, Michael Myerchin and John M Myerchin, Sr. They are located in the Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Tabor, Minnesota. Each stone represents the mother, son and father of the same family and each stone has a different spelling of the surname.



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