Theophile (Von) Schiller/Louise Fortier (Von) Schiller

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(Francois) Dolphis (Von) Schiller/ Josephine Goulet       Unknown Fortier/Unknown









Theophile Schiller, the fourth child of the family left home before his parents had come to the United States to work. He married Louise Fortier and was blessed with nine children; seven girls and to boys. He and his family always stayed in the East. Lawrence, Massachusetts is where they made their home.

...Cecila Schiller Belland, 1970


Theophile SHILLAIRE (AFN:134S-845)
Born:  Apr 1853 Place:  , , French Canada


SCHILLER FAMILY TREE.PDF of Dolphis and Josephine Schiller complied by Rosemary Schiller, Argyle , MN


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