Timothy Brian Pesch/Lori Ann West Pesch

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Adolph Pesch/ Adelle Morin                Dale West/Henrietta Myerchin West    




Holly Marie Pesch, David Timothy Pesch, Brooke Rose Pesch, Jhett Manuel Pesch

Lori Ann West born Sep 24, 1961 
Occupation: works for HUD 

Married Tim Pesch on Jun 11,  1984 
Timothy Brian "Tim" Pesch born Jun 29, 1957 
Tim's Father: Adolph Pesch 
Tim's Mother: Adelle Morin 

* Holly Marie born Mar 14, 1985 
* David Timothy born Sep 12, 1987 
* Brooke Rose born Aug 17, 1995 
* Jhett Manuel born Dec 11, 2000 

Home is 614 10th Street NW, East Grand Forks, Minnesota 56721

Tim and Lori were married Jun 11, 1984 and have four children: Holly, David, Brooke & Jhett. Tim is disabled and is "Mister Mom" around the house. This is especially good because Brooke was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a form of cancer. At the present time (2001) 5 year-old Brooke is in remission, but still takes her medicine.

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