Timothy Donald Myerchin/ Terrie Myerchin

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Donald Myerchin/Lou Ann Stallmo Myerchin      Unknown/Unknown




Kempsey Ann Myerchin



Timothy Donald, born 3/22/1964




Kempsey Ann Myerchin





Note from Tim Myerchin Family: April,2005

Tim & I were surfing the web after finally getting online last week when we came across this blessing.

Donald has been in hospital briefly for an erupted gall bladder that became gangrenous because he has such a high tolerance for pain. After giving the hospital staff enough grief for their week, they decided he had a clean bill of health to go home & wreak havoc there with Lou Ann & her sister Delores, god bless them both.
Thankfully Don was home in time to celebrate Easter with his beloved Grandbaby Kempsey (an old historic town in rural Australia that my family originated from with 2000-3000k population, a sleepy old town that my beloved grandmother still lives in, on her own, in her home at the age of 90. We honored my grandmother by naming our daughter after my family which I haplessly left behind on a one year stint in the US from Australia ... it's been a hell of a year, going on 11, with no real desire to move back there now that I have become a Myerchin ... I couldn't be more honored.)
We noticed the family reunion & couldn't be more delighted to find an opportunity to reunite Don with his beautiful memories & to alleviate his desire to connect with family. We intend to try to bring him, however, that may be a feat in itself to physically get him there, but we will definitely give it a good ole Myerchin try.
Wow, thanks for putting this together & we look forward to hearing from you.
Tim, Terrie & Kempsey Myerchin.




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