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When Thomas Schiller Myerchin was born on February 5, 1937, Laura Schiller Myerchin, his mother, created a baby book to celebrate the event. The book became a simple synopsis of our family history, important relatives, meaningful events, as well as an outline of the family genealogy. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, only one book was created. The four other siblings, Philip Rial, John Hector, William Joseph, and Catherine Marsha are thankful that the book was perserved and is presented here.


"Tommy's" birth announcement and footprints


Family History "John Myerchin came from Cemerna (Cemerne), Czcho-Slovokia to US in 1878. Dorothy Vanyo came from Janovik, Czcho-Slovokia to USA in 1888. Dr Johnatan Von Schiller came from Germany to Montreal in about 1750. Dolphus Schiller came to US in 1872 from Quebec. Louis Sourdiff came to US in 1877 from Montreal." ....Laura Schiller Myerchin


Notes: About Cemerna or Cemerne and 1878 or 1883

In the Tommy Myerchin Baby Book, Cemerna is listed as the village from which the John M Myerchin, Sr family emigrated in 1878. Cemerne with an 'e' and not an 'a' is the correct spelling. This is no Cemerna, and the village of Cemerne is very close to Janovik, the home of the Vanyos. The Myerchins and the Vanyos would have been very familiar with each other's village.

The John M Myerchin Sr Family came to the United States in early 1983 and not 1878. The Myerchin family worked in the anthracite coal mines for seven years. Paul Myerchin, their son was born in the United States on December 31, 1883. He was listed as being seven (7) years old when they moved to Tabor, MN.


Cemerné, Vranov nad Toplou okres, Presov Region, Slovakia

The village in Eastern Slovakia from which the John M Myerchin, Sr Family emigrated in early 1883. Cemerné is an outer part of the town of Vranov nad Toplou in eastern Slovakia. It has a population of about 3,000.

Janovik is approx 25 km from Cemerne


Majercin to Myerchin Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery Tabor, MN, USA

Above, are the tombstones of Maria Schust Myerchin, Michael Myerchin and John M Myerchin, Sr. They are located in the Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Tabor, Minnesota. Each stone represents the mother, son and father of the same family and each stone has a different spelling of the surname.




"Tommy's Family Tree"


Tommy's Relatives



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