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  Joanes Vanyo/Elizabeth Zsecs                Andreas Matta/Anna Babjak


The photo of Anna Matta Vanyo of Slovakia. She never came to the United States.

Andreas (Andro) Vanyo, born 1828 in Janovik, Slovakia. He Died in Slovakia.
Andreas' Father: Joanes Vanyo 1796-?
Andreas' Mother: Elizabeth Zsecs c1806-?

Anna Matt, born January 12, 1831 in Lapispatak, (now Ploske) in Slovakia.
Anna's Father Andreas Matta  c1810-?
Ann's Mother: Anna Babjak c1813-?

Married: On October 23, 1850 at Lapispatak in Slovakia


Barbara, born 2/13/1852
Anna, born 10/28/1854
Maria, born 5/19/1857
Joannes, born 9/4/1859
Andreas, born 12/12/1861
Elizabeth, born 8/18/1864
Joseph, born 2/18/1867
Dorothy, born 12/30/1869
George, born 11/29/1873



Babara Vanyo Philock, Anna Vanyo, Maria (Mary) Vanyo, Joannes (John) Vanyo

Anderas (Andro) Vanyo, Elizabetha (Elizabeth) Vanyo, Josephus (Joseph) Vanyo,

Dorothea (Dorothy) Vanyo Myerchin, Gyorgy (George) Vanyo



Joanes Vanyo (born 1796), 26 years of age married Elizabeth Zsces, (born c1806), 17 years old at Budamer (now Budimir) on October 13, 1823. With great certainty it is reasoned that Elizabeth Zsces is the aunt of Andreas Zsces, who was the Godfather of several of Andreas and Anna Matta Vanyo's children. Another reason for this line of thinking is that Andreas Zsces was a similar age to Andreas Vanyo.

Now the original "Hungarian" spelling of the was Vanyo. In 1918, names of person in Slovakia were changed to Slovak transcription of Vano-not the special "n". It was not found that the Vanyo's were Hungarian, the Hungarians ran this area of Slovakia for a period of time and Hungarianized the names of the people.

Now it is believed to be from talking with some of the "old timers' from Minnesota, that this Joanes (which in English would be John) had at least three children (and most probably, a lot more that that!) Anna (Sabol) Vanyo, Mary (Sabol) Vanyo (both daughter-in-laws of Joseph who the son of Andreas) (& these woman were also the daughters of Elizabeth Yurko (Sabol) who was the step-daughter of Anna Hricova, who's mother was a sister to Andreas) and Elvern Vanyo (daughter of Andrew, who was the son of Joseph who was the son of Andreas) (& she was the daughter of Anna Yurko (Vanyo) who was the daughter of Anna Hricova (Yurko), whose mother was the sister of Andreas Vanyo) were among those that were interviewed and helped to establish there "relationships".

We believed that the father of Joseph Vanyo (born 1867) was Andreas. It was said he had a brother, which we found out was George (father of Dora (Mrs John) Sabol of McKeesport, Pa. Also a sister that married Hricova, whose daughter married Matthew Yurko (father of Elizabeth Sabol Yurko & father of Anna Yurko (Mrs Andrew) Vanyo.

Tom Vanyo (one of George & Emma's sons) (George was the son of Joseph whos was the son of Andreas) was able to hire a Genealogist about 1995, to do some exploring on the Vanyo information that we had. After going through the information we knew, and the information we reasoned to be true, Tom went through letters, and documents to determine what and possibly who to look for. Tom was able to find the Bugas families. Also with Duncan's searching, was able to provide a complete list (as far as we know) of brothers and sisters of Joseph Vanyo along with the names of the parents. Although we were not sure of the correct spelling of the mother's last name (Matta, Mattha, or Matha), it was quite a good thing!

This Andreas Vanyo (born 1828 in Janovik) married Anna Matta (born Jan 12, 1831 in Lapispatak, now Ploske) on October 23, 1850 at Lapispatak. Anna's parents were Andreas Matta (born c 1810) and Anna Babjak (born c1813) and were married in 1829 at Lapispatak.

Anna Matta (pronounced "mata" is the Slovak pronunciation of the name. "Matka" is mother in Slovak language. The name Matha, can be explained that the people were speaking in a very simple was and the writer was educated in the Latin language and he accommodated this name. KThe name Matta is in Hungarian origin.

On June 24, 1851, Andreas Vanyo and Anna Matta were confirmed at Budimir Parish. Even though these folks were already married, they were confirmed at this late time in their lives. Catholic Confirmation means that somebody is a real adult member of the church community. There were about 400 people at the Confirmation.

Georgius (George) Vanyo (born 1829) married Anna Baller in Slovakia and had at least two children: One was Dora (Mrs John) Sabol (who was aunt to Anna (Sabol) Vanyo & Mary (Sabol) Vanyo and the other was John Vano, who lived in McKeesport. (From John's descendants are several children, one of whom was married to Jaydos and had many children (Including two that became Catholic Nuns and one that became a Catholic Priest).

This information on Joanes and his family was greatly expanded by the work of Jozef Sabol in Slovakia, who is attend the Vanyo Family Reunion, with his wife, Eva, in June 2001. For eight days Jozef went to the archives and hunted for information on our family. And to this we are truly grateful.

We would never have known about Jozef Sabol, if it were not for his cousin. Joe Sabol, Jr. Joe Sabol is a grandson of Frank Sabol and Anna Boldyzar Sabol. Anna is a daughter of Elizabeth (Vanyo) Boldyzar who was a daughter of Andreas Vanyo. Joe Sabol, Jr was very instrumental through this entire "Slovak Adventure" of this project.

Not much other information is known about these folks, other that they has said that they were vegetable farmers. They did not want Joseph to go to America, because John had already gone to America, Andreas had gotten killed by getting ran by a wagon ant there on other sons.

Jozef Sabol met Mr Maria Zsces (born in USA, came to Janovik at age 7, now is 89 years old). Her grandfather was Andreas Zsces who was the godfather of Andreas Vanyo. Maria Zsces' mother-in-law was a Bugos. Now at Janovik is no living Vanyo. Now at Janovik is no Bugos. They all immigrated to America. At Janovik, only place named Bugos garden, is used by Zsces family. Now it is built with a double house. This was probably the original place of the old Vanyo family home, then the Bugos family.

Mrs Maria Zsces remembers 80 years ago (back in 1921), when the old house was demolished.

In 1828, Janoviks's population was 232 kpeople and 32 tax paying houses. In 1831, the farmer rebellion hit (take food and items from rich people, because of poor crops). Many farmers were killed by the army. Many records were lost. Also in 1871, a cholera epidemic in Budimir parish killed many people.

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