Andro Bugas/Mary Vanyo Bugas

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Unknown Bugas/Unknown    Andreas Vanyo/Anna Matta Vanyo


Maria Vanyo, born on May 19, 1857 in Janovik, #20, Budimir Parish, Slovakia.

She married Andro Bugas in 18876?, at Janovik, Budimir Parish, Slovakia.

Andro (Andrej) was born 1853, in Janovik, Slovakia


Anna, born 1879?
Andrew, born June 24, 1881
John Joseph, born May 10, 1885
Mary, born October 10, 1886
George John, born June 24, 1888 at Janovik, Budimir  Parish, Slovakia



The Andro and Mary Bugas Family taken in Slovakia Standing are a grand-son and Andro Bugas Front (seated): Mary (Vanyo) Bugas, grand-daughter, daughter, grand-son, son-in-law


Note on an offspring of George John, John J Bugas:

John J's father, George John Bugas, was born June 24, 1888, at Janovik, Austria (Slovakia), a village be Presov and Kosice. In 1904 he came to the United States. Later, he met and married Susan Sekerak. Her parents, Peter and Mary, were born in Bradislava, Austria (Slovakia)

John J's parents moved west, first to Rock Springs (Wyoming), where John was born, then on to the Fort Bridger area where they homesteaded the ranch. In 1953, John and I were visiting them at the ranch from West Point, NY. They sought John's advice about how to leave the ranch in their will, which they planned to have drawn up in the near future. John's advice: Don't break up the land. Leave it intach to Lawrence. They followed John's advice Lawrence married Aileeem Michell, daughter of Joseph Michell. They now operate the ranch with their son, Larry, a recent graduate of the University of Wyoming. Daughter, Mary Sue, graduates in December; a son, George, graduates soon after that.

For years I have marveled at the genes pass down from those two Grandfather Bugases.

Sincerely yours,

Anatha Pruett Bugas (Mrs. John J. Bugas)



Anna Bugas, Andrew Bugas, John (Joseph) Bugas,

Mary Bugas, George Bugas, Joseph Bugas




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