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Unknown Philock/Unknown    Andreas Vanyo/Anna Matta Vanyo


Elizabeth Vanyo Boldyzar Homolka 1953



Boldyzar Anna Boldyzar, Elizabeth Boldyzar, Julia Boldyzar, Mary Elizabeth Boldyzar, Emerick (Henry) Boldyzar, Stephen Boldyzar Jr, John Boldyzar Homolka Anges Homolka, Amelia Francis Homolka, Rose Homolka, Anton Homolka Jr The Stephen & Elizabeth Boldyzar Family taken about 1900 Standing: Elizabeth, Anne, Julia & Mary Seated: Stephen Sr., Stephen Jr., Henry, Elizabeth (Vano) holding John on her lap.


Elizabeth & Stephen Boldyzar, daughter of Andro & Anna Vanyo.

Elisabetha "Elizabeth" also "Lizzie" Vano born Aug 18, 1864 (records in Slovakia state that Lizzie was born on Apr 1, 1864) in the village of Janovik, House #20, Budimir Parish, in the Kosice District, Slovakia

Godfather: Andreas Zsecz, farmer

Godmother: Anna Barej, farmer's wife

Married Stephen Boldyzar in 1885 in Shamokin, PA Years

Married: About 15 Years together Stephanus (Stephen) Boldizar born Ju125, 1859 in Slovakia

Stephen's Father: Joanes Boldizar

Stephen's Mother: Anna Kmetz Occupation: farmer

Stephen passed away on Dec 3, 1918 in the State Hospital, Willmar, MN from choric parench nephritis, uremia Stephen's Age: . 60 Years, 4+ Months. Stephen buried at Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery, Tabor, MN



Anna born Jul14, 1885

Elizabeth born May, 1890

Julia born Sep 11, 1891

Mary Elizabeth born May 20,1893

Emerick "Henry" born Aug 18, 1895

Stephen, Jr. born Jut 12, 1897

John' born Jun 22, 1899


Stephen and Elizabeth both came to this country while they were quite young. Elizabeth was from Kocise, a village in Slovakia. She was thought to have been around 18 years of age when she came to the United States. Stephen was from Bohemia and was thought to have been around 21 years of age at his immigration. They both ended up in a Pennsylvania town of Shamokin. This is where Stephen met up with Joseph Vanyo. As was the custom ot the old country, the parents or the older brothers arranged the betrothing of the single girls in the family. Joseph, although a younger brother to Elizabeth, was believed to have arranged this marriage.

Stephen & Elizabeth were married in Shamokin and had three children there. In 1894, they packed up and moved West. It was said that they 'came to Minnesota in a covered wagon! They arrived in the Slovak and Bohemian settlement of Tabor, Minnesota. They lived there, farming the new land. Four more children were born to them by Tabor. In 1895, Stephen wrote to his brother-in-law, Joseph Vanyo and told him about the good land in Minnesota. Joseph then sent Stephen some money to put on some land. On May 30, 1895, Joseph, his wife Helen, and his two children, arrived in Angus, Minnesota by train. Stephen was there with his oxen to greet them and bring them to their new home. It was a long trip back to the farm -3 1/2 miles..,all by oxen!

On September 26, 1900, Stephen was in the midst of an argument with his wife. He accused her of infidelity. A neighbor called the sheriff. When the sheriff was there, Stephen threaten the neighbor for having called the sheriff. That was all the sheriff needed to take Stephen away. At 1:10, the next moming, Stephen was brought to the State Hospital in Fergus Falls, Minnesota for an evaluation. He was admitted as a patient there, weighing just 133 1/2 pounds and stood 5' 9 3/4" tall. His stay at this facility included almost 1 a years of his life, until his transfer to the State Hospital in Willmar, Minnesota in 1918. He was transferred to Willmar, because of his poor health. He died in Willmar four months later.

This is a picture of Stephen Boldyzar Sr. taken as a patient at the Fergus Falls State Hospital from 1900 to 1918

Elizabeth & Anton Homolka
Elizabeth passed away on Aug 21, 1954 at Racine, WI .

Elizabeth's Age: 90 Years, 3 Days

Elizabeth buried in Benwood Cemetery, Poplar Grove Twp., Roseau County, MN

Elizabeth Married Anton Homolka on Aug 24,1920 at Strathcona, MN Years

Married: 17 Years, 5 Months, 3 Days

Anton Joseph Homolka born Sep 4, 1866 in Hlinsko, Austria-Hungary

Father: John Homolka 1823-1918 Occupation: farmer, mail handler, miller; lumber mill operator, musician, township supervisor, entrepreneur

Anton's First Wife: (Bohemian from Austria-Hungary) First Wife passed away sometime before Anton's second marriage

Anton passed away on Jan 27, 1938 at home in Poplar Grove Twp., Roseau County, MN from cancer

Anton's Age:. 71 Years, 4 Months, 23 Days

Anton buried in Benwood Cemetery, Poplar Grove Twp., Roseau County, MN



. Agnes born Dee 1902

. Amelia Francis "Emma" born Apr 5, 1905

. Rose born Sep 15, 1907

. Anton, Jr. born Feb 6, 1909


The Anton & Elizabeth Homolka Family taken around 1910 John Homolka Jr. (Anton's brother), John Homolka Sr. (Anton's dad), Agnes, Rose. Emma, Elizabeth, Anton Sr. holding Anton Jr.

Elizabeth & Anton Homolka

After Stephen was taken to the State Hospital in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, Elizabeth was left with seven kids and no husband. Soon Anton Homolka moved in, and the family was off to parts north and east of Tabor, Minnesota.

Anton had married a Bohemian in Austria-Hungary and left her in Europe when he came to the United States in 1892. They did not get along with each other and so Anton began to seek a divorce from her. This was about the time that he was living in the Tabor, Minnesota area. As he corresponded with someone in Austria-Hungary, Anton found out that his wife had been living with a boyfriend and became pregnant. She died during the child birth.

Anton was said to have been in the Chicago area for about six weeks, in a town named . Cicero, Illinois. He would work helping the farmers there. He then moved to Tabor, Minnesota and began helping farmers there, at which time he sent for his dad and his brother John "Hunza" from Europe. Hunza was deaf and unable speak. He later was admitted to an institution also.

By 1895, he homesteaded in Marshall County, where all the settlers were Indians and a few trapp,ers....very few White people. He ended up losing his homestead. Then he joined up with Elizabeth Boldyzar. In Marshall County, Anton began carrying the mail from Ware Post Office in Thief lake, Marshall County, Minnesota. In 1901, a post office opened up and became known as the Homolka Post Office. At first the mail was delivered once a week, then twice and then finally three times a week. Anton was the first postmaster there and later, Elizabeth's son, John oldyzar became the postmaster. Agnes, Emma and Rose all helped to sort the mail. After hanging hands a few times, it was closed in 1925.

Elizabeth & Anton Homolka In 1905 the Homolkas settled near Grass lake in Roseau County. It is here that they donated the land (in Section 32), for a school after which it was named, the Grass Lake School.

In 1908 the family moved to sections 30 and 31 in Poplar Grove Township. He became township supervisor. Anton also started up a flour mill and did custom grinding. The neighbors brought him wheat and rye to be ground into flour. He had a threshing rig and did all the threshing for the neighborhood.

He started up a saw mill and built an ice house. He would cut ice blocks on the lake, store it in their house and bank it with the sawdust. It lasted a long time. Anton built a dance hall, where they held dances for many years. And in 1909, Anton began an old time brass band with which he toured. The band toured Wannaska, Roseau and Badger. Together Anton and Elizabeth had four children: Agnes (Jerry Kopecky), Emma (Herb O'Brien), Rose (Max Gust) and Anton Jr. (Edna). Elizabeth had a total of 13 children - (two girls died in infancy).
Anton passed away in 1938 of cancer and elizabeth in August 1955 at the age of 90. B0th are buried at the Gust Cemetery in Poplar Grove Township. Stephen Boldyzar is buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Tabor, Minnesota.

Elizabeth continued to live in Minnesota, with her son John Boldyzar, till about 1945 or 1947. They moved to Racine, Wisconsin at that time. some of the buildings (barn) were sold and the homestead was eventually sold to a Boushey family. Later years it was owned by Anton Gust. Son Alvin, wife Lillian and their children lived there. One of their children, Ervin Gust owns the farm now. 'the house, the only original building left standing, was finally destroyed recently, as it became a safety concern.

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