George Palaschak/ Anna Vanyo Palaschak
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Unknown Philock/Unknown    Andreas Vanyo/Anna Matta Vanyo


Anna Vanyo, was born October 28, 1854 at the village of Janovik, House #5, Budmir Parish, Kosice District, Slovakia, died 1898 (99) in Slovakia, buried at Rozhanovce

George Palaschak, buried in unmarked grave at Rozhanovce

Married on February 16, 1876



Joseph Palaschak , George Palaschak Jr , Maria Palaschak, John Palaschak,

Andrew Palaschak, Anna Palaschak, Barbara Palaschak, Julia Palaschak,

Elizabeth Palaschak, Katherine (Katka) Palaschak


Anna was the second oldest child in the Vanyo Family. She married George Palaschak, and had about ten children. It is believed that Anna and George stayed in Slovakia, all the life, but several of their children ventured across the ocean to the new world with at least one living in the United States and one living in Canada. It was told by Elizabeth Palaschak that her mother died in Slovakia when Elizabeth was about four or five.

As told by Richard (son of Joseph) Palaschak, George and Maria stayed in Slovakia. The rest came to America. George's daughter, Anna and Maria's daughter live in Rozhanovce, Slovakia. Anna still lives in the same house as George and Anna Palaschak lived in. Richard and his wife Joyce, visited them in 1998.

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