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Andreas Vanyo/Anna Matta Vanyo


John Vanyo was born September 4, 1859 in the village of Janovik in House #20, Budimir Parish, in the Kosice District, Slovakia.

To this date (2001), not much is known about John Vanyo. It is known that he came to the United States from Slovakia and worked in the mines. They were believed to be coal mines. It was said that John was killed at a young age in a coal mine accident. He slipped and his head got run over by a coal car. This was told by his brother Joseph to his family. Joseph son, John, who was named after this uncle, told this very tale. But to this day, no trace of John's short life can be found in the United States. It is believed that he died around 1880.

This story was believed to be true, until it was revealed by Jozef Sabol's research in Slovakia,that John's brother Andrew was killed by a wagon running over his head. This would be hard to believe that this could have also happened to John. Tom Vanyo (George Sr's son) pulled the records from the mining industry in Pennsylvania and no record was ever found of a John Vanyo (or Vano) being killed. Simply enough, we don't know what happened to him.

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Andreas Vanyo was born December 12, 1861 at the village of Janovik, House #20, Budimir Parish, in the Kosice District, Slovakia. Andreas died on August 30, 1975 from an accident. He was 13 year, 8 Months,18 days old.

Andreas was the second son of Andro and Anna Matta Vanyo. It was found by our Slovak friend, Jozef Sabol, that Andreas dided August 30, 1875 and the reason, written in the Hungarian language was "unclear/not investigated/because whell crossed over him at the forest". The accident record was at Lapispatak, whis is now Ploske. So maybe the family moved or was in the process of moving at the time of the accident. Being the death record is at Lapispatak, it is reason tht he is buried there.

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Gyorgy "George" Vanyo, born November 29, 1873 and he died on May 5, 1874 from the fever. He was 5 months, 6 days old. George was buried on May 6, 1874 (at Budimir?) in Slovakia.

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