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Unknown Philock/Unknown    Andreas Vanyo/Anna Matta Vanyo


Barbara Vanyo, born February 13, 1853 at the village of Janovik, House #5, Budmir Parish, in the Kosice District, Slovakia, died on March 31, 1938 and is buried in a cemetery in Mount Carmel, PA.



John Philock


Barbara was the odes child in the Vanyo Family. It is understood that she and her brother John were the first of the family to come to the United States. They settled in Pennsylvania. Is is not know if Barbara married before or after she came to the states.

After her husband died, Barbara stayed with her son, John and his wife. In the 1920's, Barbara came to Minnesota and briefly stayed with her brother Joseph Vanyo, and her sister Dorothy (John) Myerchin, both by Tabor, Minnesota, and also with her other sister Elizabeth (Anton) Homolka by Strahcona, MN.

Emma (George) Vanyo and Rose (Max) Gust remembered Barbara. She was a little woman who looked as if she were all worn old. It was said that she had been abused and that it why she came up to Minnesota. It is remembered that she would wear seven dresses at once, starting at the beginning of the week. As the week went on, when she would get one dirty, she would take it off. She was also going blind, but always has the Bible with her. She was not much of a talker, being quiet and aloof.

After her stay in Minnesota for about a year, she went back to Pennsylvania. It is unknown if Barbara wrote to her brother or sisters in Minnesota after she left, because it was reported on her sister Dorothy Myerchin's obituary in 1942, that Barbara was a surviving sister, when in fact she has died almost four years earlier.

Barbara's cause of death, in 1938, was listed as chronic myocarditis, which it noted she had suffered since 1934. The informant on her death certificate was a Mildred Philock. This Mildred could have been her son John's wife. Barbara is buried in Mount Carmel, PA. At this time, no survivors of this branch of the family have been located (2001).

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