Vincent G Myerchin/Doris Mary Reff Myerchin

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Paul Myerchin/Helen Vanyo Myerchin   Unknown Reff/Unknown


Vincent Myerchin (at Graduation)




Gordon Myerchin, Rose Mary Myerchin


Vincent G Myerchin , born Jan 5, 1917, died Sep 5, 1997, buried at Resurrection Cemetery, East Grand Forks, MN

Doris Mary Reff, born Mar 9, 1919, died on July 2, 1993, buried at Resurrection Cemetery, East Grand Forks, MN

Married on November 22, 1945



Gordon Myerchin, born Mar 22, 1947

Rose Mary Myerchin, born July 23, 1948


Vincent attended schools in Alvardo and Crookson, MN. He served as a bombardier in the US Air Force during WWII. He worked for Flynn Grainite Co and Saul Motor Co, Crookston. In 1959 he and Doris moved to Wast Grand Forks, where he worked as an office manager at Hansen Ford. He retired in 1983.




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