Alexander Harrison Myerchin

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William S Myerchin/Naomi Sue Roseberg Myerchin   



Alexander Harrison Myerchin, born March 6, 1986, son of William S and Naomi Roseberg Myerchin


Alex, about 4 years old

I was born March 6, 1986, in Fontana, California. I currently live in San Bernardino, Ca. I attend Cajon High School and am part of an extensive honors program called the International Baccalaureate Program. In Sept. 2002 I will be entering the eleventh grade.

Jan 2001, Tournament of Roses Honor Band

I'm active in the school music program. I play trombone in marching band, in jazz band, and as part of a special honor band that marches in the Rose Parade. I'm also involved in theater at school and in the community. This past year I was given lead roles in both plays at school. I've done three community theater shows, one of which with a supporting role. I plan to go to a university in California and study medicine to be and emergency technician.

...Alexander H. Myerchin



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