Laura Marie Myerchin
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William S Myerchin/Naomi Sue Roseberg Myerchin



Laura Marie Myerchin, born July 26, 1983, daughter of William S and Naomi Roseberg Myerchin



Laura, about 4 years old

Born on July 26, 1983 and raised in Southern California I graduated Cajon High School in San Bernardino, CA in June of 2001 where I earned the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Throughout high school I acted and worked in school and community theatre. I was a member of the National Honor Society and the California Scholarship Federation. I spent the summer of 2000 at Cambridge University, UK studying theatre and British History. I am currently a presidental scholar at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC where I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Women's Studies. I expect to graduate a year early from Guilford in May 2004. I will spend Fall 2002 in London for a study abroad where I have an internship with a Member of Parliament, UK. I recently finished working at a summer camp and normally work in the Psychology Department of Guilford College. I plan to pursue a master's degree and doctorate in Criminal Psychology following my graduation from Guilford. I enjoy reading mysteries, the theatre and traveling.

...Laura Marie Myerchin

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