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Joseph Frank Myerchin/Laura Schiller Myerchin        Harry Roseberg/Roslyn Gutter Roseberg


Bill and Naomi, March 2002




Laura Marie MyerchinAlexander Harrison Myerchin


William Joseph Schiller Myerchin, born November 18, 1947

Naomi Sue Roseberg Myerchin, born July, 1951



Laura Marie Myerchin, born July 26, 1983

Alexander Harrison Myerchin, born March 6, 1986



William, Laura, Naomi, and Alex December, 2003

Bill and I were married on November 28, 1981 in Rialto CA. The wedding was in November because my sister, then living in northern California, had just had her second child, so it was delayed until she could travel. The wedding took place at the home of Bill's brother John (Jack) and Angie Myerchin. About 80 people attended even though it rained heavily. We had met the previous spring -- an introduction by John Kleinman, a mutual friend and photographer in Riverside, CA.

Naomi, about 12 years old

I was born Naomi Sue Roseberg (named after my mother's father, Sam) in 1951. I grew up living in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and San Diego; then returned to L.A. in 1962. I have one sister, Roni, who is four years older. After high school I went to UCLA and earned a BA in 1974 in "Motion Pictures/Television," though I had been an Art major most of the time. It was a politically active period. In 1975 I began work for the first of two computer firms which lasted until I met Bill. Bill continued his photography studio and I worked on and off for a doctor's office doing computer work.

Laura and Alex, both sick with colds and having fun August, 2005

My pregnancy with Laura (Laura Marie, b. July 26, 1983, named for Bill's mom) was complicated with toxemia so I was an emergency delivery 6 weeks early. I was very lucky since there was the potential for many things to go wrong. Alex (Alexander Harrison, named for my dad) was born March 6, 1986. We lived in an apartment in a small building we still own in Colton, CA. during this time.

I entered the elementary teaching program at Cal State San Bernardino and got my clear credential in 1990. I began teaching as Alex entered kindergarten and have continued, mostly teaching 6th grade. We moved to our present home near Cal State, and I recently (2001) completed my Master's Degree in Integrated Studies, just as Laura graduated from high school.

Naomi and Laura, June 2001

Laura is now attending Guilford College in North Carolina studying psychology and expects to graduate in 2004. Alex finishes high school in 2004 and wants to attend UCLA to study music and possibly medicine.

Now, in my 12th year of teaching, I changed school districts and teach English and Social Studies to 6th graders at the middle school level. We marked our 20th anniversary last November.

...Naomi S. Myerchin, 2002


I was born William Joseph Myerchin on November 18, 1947, in Thief River Falls, MN. I grew up living in Grand Forks, North Dakota and Thief River Falls, MN. My father died on December 29, 1955 when I was eight years old, and so my older brothers Tom, Phil, and John became my surrogate "dads". It was a little complicated, but I guess it worked.

When I was in 10th grade, our family moved back to a farm at Middle River, MN where we raised cattle for about two years. With a beef market in decline and both Marsha , my sister, and myself getting really for college, we moved back to Thief River Falls, MN where I graduated from Lincoln High School in 1965.

Bill, about 10 years old

After graduating from the University of North Dakota with a degree in English, I came to California and taught elementary school for two years. In 1971, I entered the U S Army at the end of the war in Viet Nam, one of the last few individuals to be drafted. Serendipity favored me with a posting as a military still photographer . I was stationed in Viet Nam for 13 months as a general staff photographer and combat photojournalist. My shooting assignments were extremely interesting and varied. This life-changing experience fueled my desire to pursue a career in photography.

William S Myerchin, photo was taken in early 1973, VietNam, "The day all hostilities ceased."

Upon returning to the U.S., and resuming a teaching career, my interest in photography held. To pursue my career in photography I attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA for two years. After working as an assistant to several commercial photographers in Hollywood, I opened my own studio in the Inland Empire, CA in 1979. I have been shooting professionally ever since.

My interests are backpacking and Astronomy. I am the editor for the San Bernardino Valley Amateur Astronomy club newsletter, The Observer.

With my scope, at a club star party


Center, backpacking with my brothers Tom and John in the High Sierras


...William S Myerchin


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